All the countries sing. But only two of them give their voices to the world. Italy is famous for tenors and Russia for bass singers. According to these voices, people note singing ages in history: age of Caruso, age of Luciano Pavarotti in Italy, and where is Russia? Probably, there is no outstanding singer except Vladiyar (Vladimir Yarovitsyn)!
    Vladiyar is Russian. He was born in Yaroslavl Region, which is famous for singing, in the village with epic name Berendeevo. He finished school, Riga Pilot Engineering College, and finally Latvian State Conservatory, opera class of famous Karl Zarin, singing lessons with most talented teacher 6. P. Tomgorova, honoured aciress of Latvia, and unique accompanist L. S. Sverdlova of blessed memory.
    On June 07, 1978, on his birthday, he received the opera soloist diploma. But he returned to opera (a good record ior Guinness Book) only in 20 years. The list of his parts is growing quickly; Aleko, Tomskjy, Galitskiy, Varlaam, Gryaznoi, Khovanskiy, Basilio, Requiem by Verdi. The true happiness was the part of Boris, highest level for a bass singer. He overcame this level. Boris in performance of Vladiyar sounded in the best opera halls of France, Switzerland, Netherlands. The foreign press compared him to F. I. Shalyapin.
    But the previous 20 years were not lost. Vladiyar sang Russian folk songs, old romances, Russian and foreign classics, spirituals. His rich timbre, extraordinary actor talents, understanding own singing, striking spirit of performance made the grounds for his successful singing in First F. I. Shalyapin International Contest of Bass Singers and, as a result, for his title of prize winner.

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